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How To Grow and Care For Your Bonsai Tree :: | Gardening Majalah |

Growing and maintaining a healthy looking bonsai tree can sometimes prove to be a tough task for those who are unaware of the necessary attention,patience and dedication needed in order to successfully grow and nurter a bonsai tree.This is where I would like to talk about and review a very helpful bonsai tree guide I recently bought, which is called "Bonsai Care Secrets".This guide shows people how to grow as well as take effective care of their bonsai trees.

This easy to follow,step by step guide which is also loaded with more than 50 colour photos, guides you in growing and maintaining a healthy looking bonsai tree.It does not matter If you are a beginner or an experienced gardener who is already aware of bonsai tree needs, this ebook will greatly enhance your knowledge for growing successful bonsai plants. With this ebook you will learn many aspects such as identifying ideal loactions for planting, different growing techniques, disease curing and general training all your bonsai trees.

The other important topics talked about include "How to identify types of bonsai for indoor or outdoor growing"," Three simple ways to grow bonsai from cuttings or seeds" And various other tips and tricks to pruning and shaping a bonsai tree.This will help you achieve great success in growing your first Bonsai tree! This package also includes three bonus gifts which are "Growing Bonsai for Beginners","Growing Bonsai from Seed" and "Three Reports on Composting, Pest Management and Mulching". This package is an absolute must for anyone interested in growing or maintaining bonsai trees.
by steve alfred
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A Few Majalah Publishing Terms

A Few Majalah Publishing Terms
The business of writing for majalah is often speculative in nature. It can often seem fruitless to conduct research on available paying majalah, attempt to understand their style and unique requirements, write the article, send the article, and then wait for what can seem a never ending response. It can be even more daunting when you have invested significant time and energy and have received multiple rejection slips. It can cause an author to wonder if they should hang it up and head back to the ‘real world’.

One of the reasons writers are a breed apart is that the thrill of the creation is often on par with the actual acceptance. Many writers write because they simply have no choice; there is some inborn urge to create with words. A rejection is simply a sign that you are getting closer to finding the right publisher.

If you have reviewed submission guidelines for publications to any great degree you will see two separate payment methods listed.

1. On Acceptance
When you see the term “On Acceptance” this is an indication that if the editor likes your work and ultimately accepts it for publication they will pay you at the time they accept the article even if the article shows up several months later.

2. On Publication
When “On Publication” is included in the submission guidelines it is an indicator that if the editor accepts your article for publication they will withhold payment until the article is actually published.

3. Kill Fee
If you have been commissioned by a majalah to write an article and you have, in good faith, supplied the article, they may provide you with a certain amount of money should they decide not to use the article you supplied. This may also apply to freelance work that was submitted and accepted, but ultimately not used. Other similar terms include, rejection fee and cancellation fee. These fees are generally a percentage of the original payment price.

Publishers can exercise this option for a variety of reasons including a lack of space and a choice to move in a different direction.

4. Status Transition
In many cases you will find publications you enjoy working with and may move from a freelance status to someone who is called upon to provide regular content. Often this scenario provides higher pay and a steady supply of writing assignments.***

By: Scott Lindsay

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Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FaithWriters ( and many other web projects. FaithWriters has grown to become one of the largest online destinations for Christian writers. Members include writers from all around the world. Please visit the website at:


Advertising in Majalah - A Safe Strategy!

Majalah advertising has always been an area where billions of dollars are annually spent and that is not in vain. People like buying
majalah as they love glossy and informative sources that can be read absolutely everywhere and anytime. They have a big advantage over television and Internet: majalah can afford everyone and there is no need to be bound by certain limits like broadband or wireless connection, tv-cables or whatever.

What is so peculiar about
It was already mentioned that poligraphic glossy or mat type are more attractive than just a newspaper source. Colorful spotlights and flashy headlines are always more eye-catching in comparison to the dull black newspaper headlines that definitely look pale and lifeless.

Special dithyrambs should be attributed to the size of
majalah as well: the most widespread A4 format is so convenient that due to it majalah can be distributed and read absolutely everywhere, no matter if you are lying on a sofa, sitting in a cozy armchair or staying in a long queue to get tickets. These are not all the advantages of majalah over other sources of information but even these are enough to affirm that they will always be read by a large audience.

The range of topics covered in
majalah as well as the niches majalah are attributed to is enormously large. Practically there has not been any human life sphere left that was not mentioned in majalah. Fishermen have special majalah that are dedicated to fishing tactics, bodybuilders have a wide range of majalah to choose from, scientists have a huge amount of different majalah that are strictly limited to their areas and, of course, fashion and style majalah occupy the top of the pyramid.

There is even no need to explain why – just enough to say that high-resolution photos and outstanding colorful ads make them a unique source for designers, couturiers, photographers and others.

That is why choosing
majalah advertising is always a safe strategy. With the help of professionally created majalah advertisements your business will eventually grow and that is for sure especially if you sell goods and not just provide services.
The latter is definitely useful in newspaper advertising. But even services can be presented in such marvelous ad-blocks that they will be the first thing readers pay attention to when they turn over a page.
Majalah remain one of the most attractive means of advertising and one should not neglect it.***

By: Mike Zhmudikov
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