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| Majalah | The Top 10 Chest Exercises

(Majalah Online) - Chest exercises are a great way to both tone up your upper body and to increase your strength. There are all kinds of chest exercises that you can do both in and out of the gym - some can be done without equipment and some will need equipment to give you maximum benefit. It’s a good tip - if you haven’t already done so - to invest in an exercise ball, a workout mat, and if your budget permits a pair of dumbells as this will make some of the exercises more comfortable, give you some diversity and allow you to get maximum benefit for very little cash outlay!

And, you can of course use the fitness equipment for all kinds of other workouts as well.

1. Push ups
Push ups are a great overall exercise as they work on the whole body - but the best benefits you’ll see are to the chest and upper arms. For the most effective push up keep your hands apart level with the shoulders. Bend your arms and go down as far as possible before straightening your arms and pushing up again.

2. Bench Press
A pair of dumb ells will give you excellent additional benefits from a bench press exercise. Lie on the bench (or in this case, exercise ball) and hold the dumbbells straight up then bend your arms and lower the dumbbells to just below your chest.

3. Incline/Decline Bench Press
This exercise is the same as a regular bench press except you’ll be doing it on a bench that is in either an inclined or a declined position. Again, the exercise ball provides an excellent and cost effective replacement for a bench.

4. Chest Flies
Chest flies can be done on a bench - or, for a different approach, on an exercise ball. Lie on the bench (or balance your shoulders/upper back on the ball) and hold some dumb ells straight up in both hands before lowering out to the side.

5. Chest Press using a Resistance Band
Secure the band behind you and then hold and pull the handles until you get the right tension. Move your arms out to the sides and then in again.

6. Dips
You’ll need some kind of parallel bars for dips. Take hold of the bars (palms facing each other) and straighten out your arms while bending your knees. Lean your body slightly forward and push up and down on the bars. The chest is emphasized in this exercise by the amount of leaning forward you do...

7. Chest Stretch
This stretch works great with a resistance band. Sit on the floor in a cross-legged position and hold the band over your head with your hands apart. Pull your arms out and lower them down slowly. Let the resistance band expand or contract as the band goes over your head and behind your back...then reverse the motion in the opposite direction.

8. Push-ups with Resistance Tube
This exercise works much the same as regular push ups but you’ll use a resistance tube/band to make things more challenging. Loop the band around your upper back and hold on to the ends then push up as usual.

9. Push ups with a Medicine Ball
These push ups use a medicine ball to give a variation on standard push ups. First, put one hand on the ball and the other on the floor and assume the push up position. As you push up here you can also pass the ball across the floor to the other hand which will also do some work on your abs.
10. Chest Squeeze
Sit on a chair or on an exercise ball and take hold of a medicine ball. Keep your back straight and hold the medicine ball at chest level. When you squeeze the ball you’ll feel your chest contract. Keep squeezing the ball and slowly turn to one side slowly pushing the ball outwards as you go. Go back to the middle and repeat for the other side.

Remember to pace yourself - if you are unsure about the best chest exercises for your level then a personal trainer or an online personal trainer will be able to give you the best advice.
by Terri Walsh
About The Author:
Celebrity Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh has been training clients for 25 years. She is the author of DIVA, The Fitness System To Unleash Your Female Power (Berkley) and owns and operates a successful online personal training practice as well her private gym TW Personal Training NYC .

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| Majalah | Cognitive Therapy Treatment For Health Anxiety

(Majalah Online) - Health anxiety refers to having a preoccupation with a fear of having a serious illness or disease, despite medical investigations that show the person is healthy. A person with health anxiety will often misinterpret normal physical sensations as a sign of serious illness. For example, flu-like symptoms may be misinterpreted as a sign of HIV and tests that indicate the person is HIV negative may be discounted as unreliable.

Health anxiety can be treated effectively with CBT therapy, Herts. The approach used is very similar to that used for treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This involves helping the person with the anxiety to realise that the current way they are dealing with the worrying health thought and feeling, actually keeps the problem going.
Factors that keep the problem going include: trying to block the thought, giving health thoughts over -importance such as "It means I will never get better", constantly seeking reassurance from others, reassuring self with certain phrases or thoughts, looking on the Internet, seeing numerous health practitioners, stopping life activities and giving the thought lots of attention.

CBT therapy, Herts can help you to accept that in fact your problem is not that you have a health problem and must constantly check whether this problem is real, but that your problem is that you worry too much about your health and that this is what's keeping your anxiety going.

A CBT therapist, Herts, will help you become habituated to your anxious health thoughts, which basically means learning to accept your thoughts, let them come and welcome them in. They are just thoughts, not the truth or a prediction of your future. Accepting and letting our thoughts in, will trigger more anxiety at first but if you practice this regularly then your anxiety will naturally fade. This is called exposure therapy and must be done alongside a technique called response prevention, which means not seeking reassurance or trying to make the thoughts feel better!

Practising a form of meditation called mindfulness can help you develop the tools to accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings without trying to change them. This acceptance will mean that you will be able to overcome your problem. It's the worry that is keeping it going.
by Karen Hastings, Hertfordshire

About the Author
Karen Hastings is a NHS experienced senior mental health occupational therapist, Master NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. Karen uses hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire, along with cognitive therapy and NLP approaches. For more information visit

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| Majalah | 4 Acne Treatment Tips

(Majalah Online) - Acne is a curse that plagues many people from children to adults. It can be devastating and embarrassing. The good news is that acne can be minimized and even cured. Many people do not know how to take care of their acne. They may pick and scratch at their face causing the acne to become even worse. This is a common temptation which creates an even greater need for information on acne treatments.

There are numerous acne treatments available from inexpensive Benzyl peroxide wipes you can purchase at the drug store to costly prescription medication such as Acutane. You can try your hand at a variety of treatments and find out which acne treatment works best for your skin. However, no matter what acne treatment you choose you should engage in the following four tips to ensure that you minimize your potential for acne breakouts.

Acne Treatment Tip:
1. If you have acne then you may have oily skin or at least patches of oily skin. It is tempting to want to dry out your oily skin to prevent pimples. However, if your skin is too dry then it can actually cause more acne. Why does this occur? Well, dry skin produces dead skin flakes. These dead skin flakes combine with sebum in your pores.
This combination is the main cause of plugged up pores thus leading to more pimples. Therefore, you need to find a good balance between oily and dry skin. So avoid regular soap as it will dry your skin out like the desert. Find cleanser that is especially geared towards your face.

Use topical salicylic acid to keep your skin healthy and avoid clogging of pores. Complete this process twice a day.

2. Do not touch, pick, and scratch your face. It can be tempting to try to squeeze a pimple when it first forms. This is not a good idea, especially when the pimple is simply red and has not formed a whitehead. You can't properly get rid of the pimple yourself. You have to be patient and let the pimple work through its cycle without touching it. If you touch it, you will cause more acne to form and leave scars.

3. Let the white head stay no matter how gross it looks. The white head is the result of blood and white corpuscles that are trying to heal the blocked pore. Let your body do its own work and don't be tempted to pop the zit as unsightly as it seems. This is the point when topical acne treatment medication can do the best job so let the acne medication seep in and help clear up the pimple. You can use topical Glycolic acid to remove the plug.

4. Maintain healthy skin. Make sure that you use oil-free moisturizer. Also stay out of the sun if possible. While the sun sometimes appears to help acne, it is only temporary because the sun breaks down the skin cells causing dead skin cells to slough off and combine with the sebum. Therefore, make sure to wear sun block that contains at least SPF 15 or higher.
by Stephanie Young

About the Author
Learn how YOU can kick your acne to the curb right now using powerful acne treatments, by going to:

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| Majalah | Seven Ways To be A Better Cyclist

(Majalah Online) - So you too have been inspired by the Tour De France? Suddenly you find yourself pulling that cycle out of the garage and experiencing some fresh air! Whether you're an expert or just a beginner, take note of these seven keys to better cycling and enjoy yourself even more!

1. Don't leave home without a safety check of your bike and don't put your kids on a bike unless you've given the bike a once-over. Check the gear changes, brakes, seat heights and bell and make sure it will be a comfortable ride for all.
Sometimes cogs, chains and gears collect sand and grit and do not move as well as they should, especially if they've been sprayed with certain products in the past. Take a puncture kit with you or you may live to regret your outing!

2. Don't ride alone unless you absolutely have to, and if you have to, inform someone of your exact route. You will be kept accountable by riding with others and human nature is such that you'll be less inclined to opt out on days you just don't feel like it. A buddy will help push you to a higher standard of riding if you are riding competitively.
Enjoyment of the scenery and the visits you make will be heightened if you share the day with others. It's also better for safety reasons, as a companion is an added safeguard; who knows, he/she may save your life one day!

3. Organisation is an important factor in any training. Plan your ride and know the approximate duration of the ride, as well as the nature of the terrain. Is the terrain cyclist friendly? Don't risk dangerous routes unless you are greatly experienced and have a buddy. Take note of any paths of pleasure next time you are driving your car and make a mental note of these for your next bike ride. Be prepared to encounter impatient motorists while you ride: this is a fact of life and you can't change it by getting frustrated or angry. Just chill out and mind your own business. Having a go at motorists can be dangerous and counter-productive.

4. Don't go empty-handed. Your body absolutely needs water while you ride, sip on it regularly and stay hydrated. If you are a serious rider, you will benefit from an amino based drink which delivers advanced energy and endurance with carbs and electrolyte replacement. You can guarantee that the riders in the Tour De France are not carrying just good old H2O in that colored water bottle! Your physical wellbeing will also be aided by fruit such as bananas and other energy boosters.

5. Don't throw on any old clothes without careful consideration of your needs. Your clothes must be comfortable and safe. By that I mean they must keep you cool in hotter conditions and help you retain heat in cooler conditions. Your safety will be enhanced if you wear bright colours.
Let's face it, you need to give motorists every possible chance to see you. Give special attention to your helmet as it's now undisputed that helmets save lives. If you're outfitting the kids with helmets, make sure they fit perfectly and that the chin strap is adequately tight (not too tight). Kids have a habit of loosening the chin strap and this can spell disaster if they're involved in an accident. Brief your kids to leave the chin strap alone! If they fall off they'll need the cushioning effect of their helmet.

6. Don't forget the whole family. Okay, you've got the bug, now it's time to enthuse everyone in the family. There's no greater sight than a whole family out cycling on a beautiful day. The tiniest tot can be strapped in to a bike seat behind mum or dad and grandad and grandma can ride too.
These days there is growing awareness of the need to provide cycle tracks away from dangerous traffic and these can be wonderfully scenic. Take pro-active steps to build family time and model fitness. Your family will thank you for it one day.

7. Don't be careless about how you finish. You'll be hot and sweaty and ready for a shower, but there's something more important to do first. Give your muscles a chance to recover and repair by cooling down gradually and then by having a protein supplement (usually in the convenient form of a shake or drink).
Protein is the building block of cartilage, muscles, bone and blood and it is protein which is the crucial factor in prevention of injury and enhanced performance. It's no wonder that so many of our professional atheltes head straight for a whey protein drink after exercise. For muscle recovery, repair and growth, it's a priority.

Despite your motivation for donning the helmet and pedalling along with the wind in your face, cycling is a pursuit worthy of us all if health and physical wellbeing appear on our life's priority list.
by Colin Johnson

About the Author Colin Johnson has been a health instructor, drug instructor, elite sports coach and father of five all in one lifetime! Colin highly endorses Amino Acid supplements drinks for the elite athlete as well as whey protein for muscle repair.

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| Majalah | How To Get Ripped Abs - 11 Tips To Ripped Abs

(Majalah Online) - Everybody seems to want to know how to get ripped abs. I've found that most people believe that getting ripped, protruding abs involves doing hundreds of stomach crunches and situps frequently. They believe that doing so will burn fat off of their stomach area, exposing their abs. I used to believe this same thing, and it was getting me nowhere. After some research and trial and error experimentation, I discovered the truth about how to get ripped abs.

First off, you will never have visible, six-pack abs if you have a layer of fat covering your abdominal area. To get ripped abs, your primary goal should be fat loss. Even if you have an incredibly strong core of abdominal muscles, if it is covered by fat you will never see them. This idea is key in order to understand how to get ripped abs.

Second, the idea that doing countless stomach crunches to burn fat is a myth. You cannot spot-reduce fat from a single area of your body by targeting it. Body fat is lost evenly across your body when you combine a solid exercise and nutritional program. I make sure I strongly emphasize this idea when telling people how to get ripped abs, because so many believe that stomach fat is lost through abdominal crunches and situps. Not true!

In order to be able to start seeing your abs, you must lose body fat. This is accomplished through strict nutrition and a consistent exercise regimen. Because everybody is different, no single nutritional program will work for everyone, but in order to get ripped abs keep a few things in mind:
1. Eat every 2-3 hours
2. Eat around 1 gram of lean protein per pound of body weight with every meal. Lean proteins include, but are not limited to: tuna fish, low/nonfat dairy products, chicken breast, whey protein powder, shrimp and other fish, etc.

3. Drink 16-20 ounces or more of water with every meal.
4. If you are sensitive to fat gain, you are most likely carbohydrate-sensitive. This does NOT mean you should remove carbohydrates from your diet, but rather limit them to a lower percentage of daily intake, and eat less of them at later hours of the evening.

5. Eat lots of vegetables.
6. Limited saturated fats and avoid trans fats at all costs.

7. Determine your basal metabolic rate and consume less calories than you burn.

Nutrition is an extremely vital aspect of understanding how to get ripped abs. However, it is not the only aspect. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise also play a big role in getting ripped abs.

Here are a few tips:

1. To lose fat efficiently without losing muscle mass, choose high intensity cardio over long duration cardio. This will enable you to shed fat while retaining your ab muscles (and every other muscle for that matter), a huge factor in understanding how to get ripped abs !

2. Perform high intensity cardio at least 3 times per week. If you hit a fat loss plateau, experiment with increasing the duration and/or intensity of your sessions or adding another session.

3. Targeted abdominal exercises should be performed 2-3 times per week at the most. Other compound exercises, such as barbell squats and deadlifts, work the abdominal region as well, so keep this in mind before making the mistake of doing ab crunches every day.

4. There are hundreds of ab exercises. I've found that decline situps and decline crunches work particularly well in developing the abdominal region, especially once you start adding weight. Simple floor crunches are also very effective for the beginner.

Put these ideas into action including a good nutrition and exercise routine and you will see results!
by Timothy Adams

About the Author
If you would like to know more about how to get ripped abs, including: - More detailed nutrition info you'll need to get ripped abs - Weight training articles - A FREE ebook report about fat loss - How to customize your own routine

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| Majalah | Good News for Arthritis Sufferers - Goodbye Pain in the Neck!

(Majalah Online) - It's true that in a way I brought it upon myself. Years of fierce competition on the sporting field seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm beginning to feel the fall-out in this body of mine, once upon a time the well-oiled machine! Aches and pains and a family history of arthritis weigh heavily on my mind as I attempt to find relief for my joint pain. Can anything be done or is this just the price I have to pay for a life of much physical activity? Well, I now believe there's relief at hand in the form of two supplements called glucosamine and chondroitin. Taken in combination, these winning supplements seem to be winning lots of grateful fans.

Any good mechanic will tell you that the key to a machine's output is best found in prevention rather than cures. Like machines, our bodies require care and maintenance to ensure we last as long as possible! I think it is a terrible thing to think that the ageing have to suffer joint pain and their only `crime' has been years of physical activity and keeping fit. Amazingly, it is often not our muscle or skeletal systems which give up the ghost, but actually that which hinges those things together, our joints.

It did occur to me thoughout my sporting years that one day I may pay the price with joint pain and arthritis. I was a constant trainer and serious competitor in my day. Then within months of each other, both my Dad and Dad-in-law (who were both elite sportsmen in their young years) started suffering from debilitating pain in their elbows, shoulders, knees and neck. I watched with interest!

The medical advice they received seemed to present them with two main choices: the first was to have an invasive procedure such as joint replacements and the second was to include in their diets proven supplements for reduction of joint pain. Both decided to opt for the less invasive solution,- (wimps! but wise in light of recent research!) - at least as a first step. Well, they were amazed with the results. What were these supplements? Answer- glucosamine and chondroitin, highly researched and recommended dietary supplements taken in combination.

In basic terms, Arthritis and joint degeneration is often when the diminishing level of fluids and breakdown of cartilage that normally creates the easy sliding movement within joints, decreases and corrodes. Then grating and scraping occurs with its resultant increase in pain and discomfort.

Osteoarthritis and other forms of join disfunction are the curse of many people, not just the elderly. This really came home to me recently whilst watching a former elite sportsman (who represented his nation in Rugby League not so many years ago) engaged in the simple pursuit of putting his socks on, despite having maintained a high level of fitness. He was in such discomfort that he was struggling to complete the task, thanks to terrible joint pain in his back and knees. But the good news for him and thousands like him, is that glucosamine and chondroitin can radically reduce the discomfort of sufferers of joint pain and also retard the onset of arthritis.

Recent news has caused much rejoicing in the ranks of the sufferers of joint pain. Recent studies confirm that glucosamine and chondroitin do provide long awaited pain relief and much needed hope to sufferers. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the clinical trial sponsored by the National Institue of Health found that significant pain relief was achieved by arthritis sufferers who used these two dietary supplements in combination.

Both glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally found in the body, the former plays a role in cartilage formation and repair and the latter is part of a large protein molecule which provides cartilage elasticity. But it is the combination of the two which seems to works wonders in sufferers. My Dad says it took him a couple of months of use until he fully felt the wonderful effect of it in his body.

It would be my strong advice that sufferers of arthritis don't totally rely upon supplements to answer all of their particular questions. There are many physical activities that can also assist in increasing movement and reducing pain in joints. Stretching and warming up the joints should be a common practice as this assists in making joints more flexible. Any exercise generally will help mobility of joints.

However, add to this physical activity the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, and your chances of better movement with less pain are significantly increased. When warming up and stretching muscles and joints, it is important that you do not overstretch and push yourself too early in the exercise session. Commence with long slow movements as opposed to vigorous sharp activities. Hold the stretch if possible for at least 10-15 seconds. Include in your exercise session a wide range of movements depending on your age and mobility as well as some isometrics and some appropriate weight bearing activities.

Many people are shouting it from the hilltops: there is hope for arthritis and join pain sufferers. Don't suffer in silence. Two supplements seem to be the subject of recent research and annecdotal evidence. They are glucosamine and chondroitin taken in combination. I encourage you to give them a go and see what they can do for you. I am always delighted to receive emails from arthritis and joint pain sufferers who bill it as their knight in shining armour.
by Colin Johnson

About the Author
Colin Johnson strongly recommends Joint Plus as arthritis treatment containing glucosamine chondroitin. Colin has been a health instructor, drug educator, elite fitness trainer and player, husband and father of five all in one lifetime!

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| Majalah | Fitness and a Powerful Body in Just 12 Minutes a Day

(Majalah Online) - To burn fat more efficiently, you need to build up your muscles. With good, strong muscles in place, you'll not just feel better - your metabolism will run higher and burn more calories. To build muscle, high intensity, not long duration exercise is needed. Just walking for hours on a treadmill lacks the intensity necessary for efficient burning of body fat. It's this high intensity that's going to let you get a full, fat-burning workout done in just 12 minutes. See, you'll burn some calories during that 12 minutes, but you'll burn a lot more during the following 24 hours.

Muscle burns a lot of calories. Why? Because your body is working away - even when you're sitting - building new muscle fibers and repairing old ones. All of this activity burns a lot of energy. For every pound of muscle that you put on, your body will burn an extra 40-50 calories a day.

Think about this: muscle is dense - a a pound of muscle takes up less space that a pound of flabby fat. Plus, it will look fabulous. A nice, firm body will look fit and fabulous.

To burn fat, you'll need to do your exercises in a short-duration, high intensity workout. This is how you can get fit and fabulous in just 12 minutes. You won't be wasting hours in some low-intensity exercise like treadmill plodding. Set yourself to three day when you will exercise. Whether it's Monday, Wednesday, Friday - or any other combination that fits your calendar - be sure to get in your 3 times a week. After all, it's only 12 minutes a day!.

You'll need very little equipment and you can do your exercise routines nearly anywhere you wish.
by Steve Gilbert

About the Author
Stop wasting all your spare time plodding away on a treadmill... going nowhere. Isn't it time to started on the path to fit and fabulous ... and gain health and fitness in just 12 minutes a day!This and other unique content fitness articles are available with free reprint rights.

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| Majalah | The Benefits of Antioxidants

(Majalah Online) - Vitamin supplements offer antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These antioxidants combat reactive oxygen intermediates (free radicals). In order for us to understand why it is important to take a vitamin supplement rich in antioxidants, we need to understand free radicals.

A free radical is simply a molecule that is missing an electron. As soon as a molecule loses one of its attached electrons, it becomes unstable and seeks to re-stabilize itself by stealing an electron from the nearest molecule. This causes the attacked molecule to then become a free radical, and starts a chain reaction. Ultimately as the process continues this can lead to cell damage. In light of the role free radicals play in the onset of aging and disease, it is important to ensure our diets include a rich and diverse supply of antioxidants to improve the health of our cells throughout our bodies and to protect our cells from the ravages of oxidation.

The cells of our bodies are now increasingly subject to damage from free radicals due to the high levels of environmental toxins in our diet and the reduced levels of antioxidants in our food to combat free radical damage. Most companies which make skin care related products tout the goodness of antioxidants and natural products that contain antioxidants. We are exposed to huge amounts of free radicals from pollution, and pesticides. Every time you breathe, you take in millions of free radical molecules created by cigarette smoke, radiation, and automobile emissions. Every time you eat, you consume free radicals in the form of pesticides and preservatives.

An antioxidant is a chemical that reduces the amount of oxidation in your body. They are also the cells that are stored in your muscles to help contain the damage that can occur with oxidation. Oxidative stress is being shown to be at the root of disease and aging.

As we age, free radical levels rise and yet the body falls short in producing necessary amounts of antioxidants to meet this challenge. Today, a great deal of experimental evidence supports the premise that length of life is determined by the crucial balance of antioxidants with free radicals in the body. If you find it difficult to consume an abundance of antioxidants from the recommended food groups, then taking daily supplements should solve the problem. Pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from television, computers and hand phones, chemicals, cigarette smoke and stress generate free radicals in our bodies.
Unstable and highly reactive, these free radicals attack your cell membranes. They then stimulate biological reactions that have been connected to accelerated cellular aging. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are naturally formed inside our bodies by the process of oxidation. They are normal by products of everyday functions like digestion and physical activity.

The production of free radicals is a normal bodily process, and it is part of the process of breathing and living. Free radicals are normally neutralized by the body's natural defense system, rendering them harmless. However, anything that weakens the body's natural defenses weakens its ability to fight off these free radicals. Those weakening agents include environmental pollution, excess UV radiation and even excessive consumption of alcohol.
by Tara Smith

About the Author
With a blend of 19 fruits, including the Acai Berry, MonaVie is a unique and delicious nutritional beverage.Get your own completely unique content version of this article.

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| Majalah | Prepare Yourself Before You Start A Home Based Business

(Majalah Online) - If you are planning to quit your job in order to start your own home based business, it is very important that you patiently take the time to have plans in place before you take the leap. To pick the right business opportunity will be the single most important decision you have to make. Before you take on any home based business, it is important to gain a reasonable level of understanding of all the basic business disciplines. Prepare yourself to meet the needs of an entrepreneur, educate yourself, you'll be able to find all the necessary information without any cost at the Internet. Just make a search for business master courses.

Changes in the economy and the family situations have forced changes in attitudes toward the separation of the home and work place, as a result the home based business industry is rapidly growing. In addition, the change from an industrial based economy to an information and service based economy, new communication technologies have dramatically increased the number of available home based business opportunities. Home based businesses are nowadays recognized as a viable source of new jobs and economic growth.

Unfortunately, it's easy to get overwhelmed with so much conflicting information. That can lead to an "overload error" and your online business ideas might stay as a dream. To be able to determine which home business would be a great fit for you, you may need some guidance. There are a variety of resources that can help you find the business that is right for you, at the end of this article you'll find one of them. It includes many tools which will help you get started with your own small business.

There's a final reason why you should consider a home based business. It's open to all walks of life, from high school students to the growing population of retirees. And it's open to anyone, with two different approaches. You can choose to start as a moonlighter or as a full time entrepreneur.
by Ove Nordkvist

About the Author
Let provide you with home based business ideas, tips and techniques. Learn more how to start a home based business. Evaluate a number of different small business ideas, get use of tools, courses and resources!

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| Majalah | Why Outsourcing Projects Has Become Standard Business Procedure

(Majalah Online) - The concept of outsourcing is not new, but the advent of the Internet has made outsourcing a big business, on a global level. Corporations in all the developed nations of the world are now outsourcing projects which they formerly had done in-house; by doing so they are reducing costs, increasing profits, and freeing their on site employees to spend time on the business core operations. Outsourcing projects meant finding an offshore contractor to assume responsibility for some or all of one of a company's IT activity; the contractor will handle the stipulated aspects of that activity, for a pre-set fee, and for a pre-set length of time.

Types Of Outsourcing Projects
There is no typical outsourcing project; they can include anything from simple data entry to medical transcription, to call center and customer service duties, to payroll processing; anything that is a non-core part of a business' operations has the potential to become an outsourcing project. Because outsourcing projects to local contractor whose efforts may well cost as much or more as the efforts of the company's personnel, most outsourcing of projects is now done to developing countries. Not only does outsourcing of projects to India, Brazil, China, and Malaysia occur on a regular basis, many of those projects are maintained long-term by those to whom they were outsourced.

The Internet And Outsourcing Projects
The global availability of Internet access has made the outsourcing of projects to freelance contractors in poor countries easier than ever; and there have been a number of websites set up by people who, for a commission, will facilitate the process of locating a contractor to complete an outsourced project. Many of these freelance contractors, because they are in undeveloped countries, can work for wages unheard of in the US and Europe; their fees often range between five and fifteen US dollars per hour.

Those who are outsourcing projects post a description of what their projects entail on the websites, and the freelancers interested will post their bids to completer the work. Most outsourcing of projects to freelance contractors done in this manner will run no more than a few hundred dollars. Because the point of all outsourcing of projects is to save money while maintaining or improving the quality and speed at which the work is done, those intending to do the outsourcing should set up a company policy on their outsourcing strategies in advance.

Many companies, in fact, have found it works in their interests to establish branches in countries of the world to which they outsource most of their projects.
by David Faulkner

About the Author
You can also find more info on Outsourcing Software and Outsourcing Solutions. is a comprehensive resource to know about Outsourcing.

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| Majalah | Laminated Business Cards: Outstanding Features

(Majalah-Online) - Business cards are your most valuable and readily accessible tools in terms of marketing yourself and your business. That is why it is only fitting to spend money on the finest and most creative laminated business cards. Make laminated business cards for your workforce and ask them to hand the cards out to whoever they meet - friends, acquaintances, a stranger on the street...the list goes on. You should take note of the fact that anyone you and your workforce meet is a prospective client! Having this kind of mindset will take your business's employee-client relationship to the next level.

Your business card should act as your mini-business ad. Make it very unique and interesting in terms of fonts, color, and execution of message. Incorporating the logo of your company and your company name is not enough. You should also include all pertinent details. It is extremely important that you remember to write more than five words of description about your business. By doing so, your prospective clients can particularly remember your company and what its principal nature is about. Additionally, business card deals are two-way streets. If you provide someone with your laminated business card and request his/her card in return, you will be provided with written details of that person's business which would help you keep him or her in mind.

Since laminated business cards are very essential and functional, always be sure that they include relevant details about your company or business, such as: your name, company name, mailing and e-mail addresses, website, telephone and fax numbers, and all other data which you consider important to your company.

Do not request laminated business cards that are glossy because if you give them out, people will not be able to scribble their remarks about you on the card. Moreover, do not create atypical, double-sized, or folding cards because they look self-centered, and there may be problems on placing them in typical size cardholders. If this is the case, people will more likely dispose of them rather than keep them. Lastly, do not create cards that are made of plastic because their edges are sharp and can cause cuts.

Most of the business cards today are tinier than usual and use smaller-type fonts. This is something that you should not conform with because the last thing you want to do is damage the eyesight of the client reading your business card. You want these people to be able to read the contents of your card. What you need to do is keep the most important details - your name and contact number - in larger fonts than the rest of the text in the card. Also, if you're a big spender, you might take into account using raised ink for printing and letting an expert design your business cards.

Whatever you're planning to do with your laminated business cards, always remember that they should be attention-grabbers. Through them, your business should be noticed and more likely to be "engraved" in people's minds.
by David Faulkner

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You can also find more info on Business Cards Online and Color Business Cards. is a comprehensive resource to know about Personalized Business Card.

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| Majalah | Work From Home Today There Are Many Possibilities

(Majalah-Online) - Work from home ideas. Working from home can be like a dream come true. It will offer independence and flexibility in your schedule. Work from home & making money Online. Well, how many times have you thought about making money the easy way and how many times have you trashed the idea, convinced that it's just a dream and not possible in the real world. Now, the revolution ininformation technology has at last made the work from home dream a real possibility. Picture yourself owning a business, being your own boss, working at a schedule you set yourself. If you choose it, you'll never have to set an alarm clock again. Imagine a business that's fun and exciting to work. This can come to a reality if you convert a hobby or an interest to a thriving work from home business.

Working from home will enable you to be flexible in your work and life planning. The revolution in Information Technology has made your dreams of your own home based business achievable. However, it,s not only positive to be able to work at home, it can for example make your social life trickier, because you won't naturally bump into your friends at work. You have to rely on yourself to get things done, nobody will tell you what to do. You can't count on a regularly coming salary.

Here's a couple things you should consider to make your life easier. Set working hours, it will be much easier to contain your productivity if you have a working schedule to follow. Write down your reasons why you want to work from home in the first place.What do you want to achieve? Use these notes if you struggle to get something done. If your cat becomes your only companion, you'll need to schedule social events as well.

If you think that a work from home opportunity can't be the real deal, then I suggest you change your mindset, because with the advent of Internet technology, the task of making money at home has not only become legally possible but has also become much more simple to understand and realize.
So, if you are not satisfied with your current nine to five job, or are just looking for new ways to earn money and supplement your regular income, then I recommend you to research different small business ideas that are easy available.
by Ove Nordkvist

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Let provide you with work from home ideas, tips and techniques. Learn more how to get started working from home. Find a great variety of different small business ideas, tools, courses and resources!

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A Few Majalah Publishing Terms

A Few Majalah Publishing Terms
The business of writing for majalah is often speculative in nature. It can often seem fruitless to conduct research on available paying majalah, attempt to understand their style and unique requirements, write the article, send the article, and then wait for what can seem a never ending response. It can be even more daunting when you have invested significant time and energy and have received multiple rejection slips. It can cause an author to wonder if they should hang it up and head back to the ‘real world’.

One of the reasons writers are a breed apart is that the thrill of the creation is often on par with the actual acceptance. Many writers write because they simply have no choice; there is some inborn urge to create with words. A rejection is simply a sign that you are getting closer to finding the right publisher.

If you have reviewed submission guidelines for publications to any great degree you will see two separate payment methods listed.

1. On Acceptance
When you see the term “On Acceptance” this is an indication that if the editor likes your work and ultimately accepts it for publication they will pay you at the time they accept the article even if the article shows up several months later.

2. On Publication
When “On Publication” is included in the submission guidelines it is an indicator that if the editor accepts your article for publication they will withhold payment until the article is actually published.

3. Kill Fee
If you have been commissioned by a majalah to write an article and you have, in good faith, supplied the article, they may provide you with a certain amount of money should they decide not to use the article you supplied. This may also apply to freelance work that was submitted and accepted, but ultimately not used. Other similar terms include, rejection fee and cancellation fee. These fees are generally a percentage of the original payment price.

Publishers can exercise this option for a variety of reasons including a lack of space and a choice to move in a different direction.

4. Status Transition
In many cases you will find publications you enjoy working with and may move from a freelance status to someone who is called upon to provide regular content. Often this scenario provides higher pay and a steady supply of writing assignments.***

By: Scott Lindsay

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Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FaithWriters ( and many other web projects. FaithWriters has grown to become one of the largest online destinations for Christian writers. Members include writers from all around the world. Please visit the website at:


Advertising in Majalah - A Safe Strategy!

Majalah advertising has always been an area where billions of dollars are annually spent and that is not in vain. People like buying
majalah as they love glossy and informative sources that can be read absolutely everywhere and anytime. They have a big advantage over television and Internet: majalah can afford everyone and there is no need to be bound by certain limits like broadband or wireless connection, tv-cables or whatever.

What is so peculiar about
It was already mentioned that poligraphic glossy or mat type are more attractive than just a newspaper source. Colorful spotlights and flashy headlines are always more eye-catching in comparison to the dull black newspaper headlines that definitely look pale and lifeless.

Special dithyrambs should be attributed to the size of
majalah as well: the most widespread A4 format is so convenient that due to it majalah can be distributed and read absolutely everywhere, no matter if you are lying on a sofa, sitting in a cozy armchair or staying in a long queue to get tickets. These are not all the advantages of majalah over other sources of information but even these are enough to affirm that they will always be read by a large audience.

The range of topics covered in
majalah as well as the niches majalah are attributed to is enormously large. Practically there has not been any human life sphere left that was not mentioned in majalah. Fishermen have special majalah that are dedicated to fishing tactics, bodybuilders have a wide range of majalah to choose from, scientists have a huge amount of different majalah that are strictly limited to their areas and, of course, fashion and style majalah occupy the top of the pyramid.

There is even no need to explain why – just enough to say that high-resolution photos and outstanding colorful ads make them a unique source for designers, couturiers, photographers and others.

That is why choosing
majalah advertising is always a safe strategy. With the help of professionally created majalah advertisements your business will eventually grow and that is for sure especially if you sell goods and not just provide services.
The latter is definitely useful in newspaper advertising. But even services can be presented in such marvelous ad-blocks that they will be the first thing readers pay attention to when they turn over a page.
Majalah remain one of the most attractive means of advertising and one should not neglect it.***

By: Mike Zhmudikov
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